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  TruTag Technologies, pwC Australia form food traceability alliance

  TruTag Technologies, a provider of product identity solutions, recently announced a strategic alliance with pwC Australia to incorporate TruTag’s “edible bar code” technology as part of the pwC Food Trust initiative. Several pilot programs are happening as part of the alliance – in beef, wine and other food consumer packaging. The on-product tags are applied to labels and to packaging either in advance or during the packaging process.

  “The globalization of supply chains has led to a loss of control and visibility. Food misrepresentation, adulteration, diversion and counterfeiting are jeopardizing consumer safety and costing the food and beverage industry billions in lost revenue. pwC Australia and TruTag’s alliance is seeking to address these challenges by bringing security and traceability to global food supply chains,” TruTag stated.

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  pwC Australia developed the Food Trust platform to provide manufacturers and consumers with greater confidence in the provenance of food products. Integrating TruTag’s edible bar code technology into the platform will enable it to deliver unmatched supply chain visibility, the company said.

  “Blockchain technology offers brand owners a new means of sharing information and improving supply chain visibility. However, these systems are still reliant on ensuring a secure link or crypto anchor between the physical and digital world.” said Trent Lund, lead partner innovation and ventures. “TruTag’s covert edible bar codes act as a perfect crypto anchor, offering unrivaled security and a unique ability to directly mark foods and food-contact packaging.”

  pwC Australia and TruTag are already working on developing supply chain technology programs with customers in the meat and wine industry. They are also working to expand their focus into other food and beverage applications.

  “We are thrilled to be working with pwC Australia on this initiative," TruTag senior vice president of business development Barry McDonogh said. “pwC brings a shared vision for food traceability, a highly complementary technology platform and the resources to scale and deliver across multiple industry segments and geographies.”

  The EU endeavors to advocate Farm to Table movement on European Beef and Lamb.Food safety is ensured by EU legal system of animal Traceability and identification, allowing transparency along the supply chain.


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